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Welcome to the Zales Law Office. I help resolve business, personal and family law problems through personal service and attention to detail. By leveraging technology with experience, I provide sound legal advice at an affordable price. My appellate court practice, involving civil, trademark, criminal, family law and civil rights has resulted in published decisions that are now law. My trial court practice has helped small businesses win injunctions, breach of contract actions, trademark and copyright disputes against much larger companies and their law firms. As a Milwaukee County judicial law clerk, I learned what judges want. As an attorney, I apply that knowledge and experience on your behalf.

M Magazine: Milwaukee’s Lifestyle Magazine, has named me in each of the past three years as one of Milwaukee’s leading lawyers in civil litigation. My fields of concentration include complex commercial civil litigation and appeals in both state and federal court. I have represented individuals, small businesses and other professionals and offer superior legal guidance through innovative approaches. Zealous, personal, creative and conscientious advocacy to achieve successful resolutions of your legal problems, trust and a sincere commitment to your well-being are hallmarks of my practice.

I have practiced litigation in Wisconsin for over 25 years, trying cases in Wisconsin’s Circuit Courts, Court of Appeals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and the United States Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

My commitment focuses on treating each client with dignity and respect throughout the legal process. Clients are the most vital part of my practice. They are not dependent on me; I am dependent on them. They do not interrupt my work; they are the purpose. I promise to keep them informed of the legal process and my professional services at every step along the way. My clients deserve the most courteous and attentive professional service possible. Your time is valuable, deserving of my most diligent application of legal skills and knowledge.

Practice Areas


If you feel that you have received an unjust outcome in court, you may still continue your case as it may be possible to appeal decisions handed down by civil court judges. However, you need to act quickly. The appellate law practiced at Zales Law covers a range of legal areas that attempts to provide clients with a more favorable outcome. If you are unhappy with the way your original trial or litigation was handled, Zales Law is ready to review your case in an attempt to secure a more favorable verdict. If you need help defending a judgment in your favor, we can help you with that too.

Zales Law is ready to handle a range of appellate disputes in federal and state court. Many of our past litigation appeals have resulted in court decisions that have changed laws in the state of Wisconsin and have been cited by courts across the country. You can count on Zales Law to provide superior personal representation in the areas of:

  • Contract disputes
  • Trademarks
  • Awards of statutory and common law attorney’s fees
  • Family law, including divorce, child custody and awards of attorney’s fees

Intellectual Property

The Internet communications explosion over the last two decades has broadened the definition of what an individual’s or a company’s intellectual property may entail. If you feel that someone has stolen or somehow compromised your work or ideas by claiming them as their own original works, Zales Law will work to establish and defend your intellectual property rights.

Establishing IP rights is an important tool as Zales Law is adept in conducting IP audits to assess and develop an effective strategy to commercialize intellectual property and guide research and development to focus on maximized investment, and avoid unwanted and unproductive legal disputes. Zales Law uses technical expertise to review and negotiate licenses, joint ventures and similar business transactions to maximize your IP rights and handling arbitration, mediation and other viable alternatives.

Call our office when you have questions about:

  • Internet and e-Commerce
  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Franchising
  • Trade Secrets


Civil law encompasses a broad range of categories. Zales Law is fully committed to protecting clients’ rights and interesting and defending them to the fullest and most effective manner, whether it is through negation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Civil litigation involves a broad range of matters such as business transactions, contract disputes, real estate disputes, foreclosures, consumer rights or any judgment that may include monetary compensation or an equitable remedy deemed by the court.

Zales Law aggressively represents individuals and businesses in a variety of matters including contract disputes, injunctions, trademark and copyright claims, professional negligence and other areas related to protecting your business rights.

Areas of concentration include:

  • State and federal court litigation.
  • Breach of contract actions.
  • Trademark actions, including injunctions to protect your intellectual property and good will.
  • Copyright claims.
  • Legal malpractice
  • Testifying as an expert on claims for attorney’s fee

Small Business Law

Whether you are just starting out or are well established, you deserve a lawyer who can guide you through the breadth of legal issues that affect small businesses. As a small business attorney, I will work with you to address routine legal matters and less common issues that arise in the normal course of operations. Although many concerns overlap large and small corporations, the issues that affect sole proprietorships, general or limited partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held or S corporations are unique and affect the way these issues are approached in legal terms.

Zales Law Firm will represent your small business and offer legal advice on a retainer or as needed basis,  beginning with initial consultation through filings with appropriate authorities, drafting and preparation of all necessary legal documents, in addition to other necessary operations such as due diligence investigations, regulatory compliance audits and joint ventures and strategic alliances. If a lawsuit is required to protect or defend your rights, personal attention and over 25 years of legal experience are what we offer you.

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